The 7001 series are easy to clean and easy to use. Double-stopper protection/ strong steel reinforced ABS plastic/ and modular construction make these scales extremely durable. These scales read in Grams/ Ounces/ Pounds and Kilograms. This makes them perfect for Home/ Office/ Kitchen and thousands of other uses. They are extremely durable and versatile. The Genuine My Weigh 7001 scales have special features such as adjustable angle backlit display/ last unit memory/ HOLD feature/ adjustable audible beep function/ digital auto calibration and more. 7000g x 1g Dimensions: 20.5 x 15.5 x 3.3 cm

  • 7,000 g
    The maximum amount that the scale can weigh at one time. You should select a scale with enough capacity to weigh your heaviest items with some padding to account for shock loading and rough treatment.
  • 0.1 g
    The smallest interval the display will show between consecutive measurements. We recommend choosing a scale with a readability that is at least one decimal place to the right of the smallest digit you are concerned with for your measurements. ie. If your measurements are critical to 0.1g, you should use a scale with 0.01g readability.
  • 70,000 d
    Total Divisions
    The total number of scale divisions or steps from zero to max capacity. Higher division counts allow finer granularity but increase the cost significantly and require a very stable environment for proper use.

Conventional Weight Comparisons

What else weighs 7000 g?

  • ~7 liters of water
  • ~20 cans of condensed soup

What else weighs 0.1 g?

  • ~2 drops of water
  • ~3.4 grains of long grain rice

Notice: These examples are approximate and not meant to substitute for calibration masses. (see Specifications below for calibration information)


More Information
SKU MW-7001
GTIN (UPC or EAN) 7.16E+11
Power 3 x AAA Batteries (included) or AC Adapter (not included)
Battery Type No
Auto-Off 120 Seconds of Inactivity
AC Operation? No
Assembled Dimensions 206 x 155 x 33 mm
Weighing Units No
Max Capacity (Max) 7000 g
Readability (d) 0.1 g
Display Dimensions 61 x 16 mm
Platform Dimensions 150 x 138 mm
Product Materials Rugged plastic enclosure with rubber impact zones. Stainless steel platform.
Scale Features Basic Weighing, Tare, User Calibration
Included Accessories 3 x AAA Batteries